Press Information

The events of the parliamentary dimension of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of European Union can be covered by accredited journalists.


All representatives of the media need accreditation in order to participate in the events of the parliamentary dimension of the Estonian Presidency.

Accrediting is open

If you need help with filling the registration form or have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone +372 631 6356. Please fill in the registration form by 19 April 2018.

The accreditation card is issued after your request has been confirmed. You will be notified of it by an electronic message. You will receive your accreditation card upon submission of an identity document (passport, ID card or driving licence) at the location of the event. The accreditation card should be worn visibly at all times during the event.

The movement of journalists is restricted during the conference, and journalists can work in the press area of the event.

Instructions for journalists 

At the location of each event there is a special media centre or press area for the use of the representatives of the media. The organisers of the event will assist the journalists to solve all problems they may have. Journalists are asked to wear business attire at the events.

Internet connection

During the event, the representatives of the media have free access to wireless internet connection. 


We ask the journalists to conduct interviews with the participants of the events in the press area.

Technical support

The organisers of the event give information to the journalists and provide technical support on the location.

Use of photos and videos

If you wish to use our photo and/or video material, please read the Conditions for Use of the Riigikogu Photos and Videos. Photos and videos can be used free of charge by the journalists, delegates and everybody else interested in covering the events, but citing the source is required.

All official photos of events are published as soon as possible on the web page and the Flickr account of the Riigikogu. The videos of all events are published as soon as possible on the web page and on YouTube.